Fresh off the press: the monograph Musik über Stimmen. Vokalinterpretinnen und Interpreten der 1950er und 60er Jahre im Fokus hybrider Forschung has appeared @ Wolke Verlag Hochheim. More information and orders.

"This book, as fascinating as it is illuminating, bridges the gap between scientific research and artistic practice, and is definitely of interest not only to singers, but also to those who are passionate about the diverse expressions of the human voice." (Matthias Roth, Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung, Feb. 18, 2023)

Next Dates

28. Apr


Duo frKRr: Music for Unicorns

Lausanne, Fracanüm @ Bellveaux movie theater

Anne-May Krüger, voice/performance
Andreas Eduardo Frank, live electronics/performance

Luc Ferrari (1929–2005) Monologos I (1970) for voice and tape machines

Chloé Bieri (b. 1990) Millenium licorne, synthesizer and objects (2022, world premiere); development together with Duo frKRr

Mike Svoboda (b. 1960)Music for Unicorns for voice with live electronics, synthesizer and fixed media; text: Anne-May Krüger (2022, world premiere)

John Cage (1912–1992) Aria with Fontana Mix (1959); new realization of Fontana Mix by Andreas Eduardo Frank
19. May


Trio Ariel

Potsdam Museum

Compositions by Gabriel Iranyi, Kaija Saariaho, Martin Schneuing (world premiere), Péter Kőszeghy (world premiere), Klaus Schöpp (world premiere), Tôn-Thât-Tiêt and Helen Fisher.
Anne-May Krüger, mezzo-soprano
Camilla Hoitenga, flute
Héloïse Dautry, harp